Family Building Ministry

This video series, presented by Tom and Sandy Porter, seeks to be a source of advice and encouragement in your quest to have a great family. It offers common sense wisdom and instruction that comes from the Bible and their own experience raising Christian kids.

Introduction (4:41)

Watch the video to the left first to get an introduction to the CLC Family Building Ministry. Tom and Sandy discuss the challenges of raising Christian kids in the 21st century, why being the best parents you can be is so important, and how the Family Building videos can help.

Foundations of a Godly Family

Foundations of a Godly Family is the first set of videos in the Family Building video series. In these clips, Tom and Sandy discuss the most important concepts for building a healthy, Godly family.

Foundations 1   (5:19)

Foundations 2   (14:15)

Foundations 3   (12:29)

New Videos Coming Soon!

November, 2017 — We are working on a new video set about “Unconditional Love” based on Dr. Ross Campbell’s book How to Really Love Your Child. 2017 has been an eventful year for our family, and because of that we were unfortunately unable to spend as much time on these videos as we had hoped. The new series will hopefully be published in the first couple months of 2018. Thanks for your patience!!

For More Information

If you have questions about the ministry, or if you have specific questions for Tom and/or Sandy, you can email us at, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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